Sample Program

Sample Program

Suggested Daily Timetable

Variations to meal times are possible by liaising with camp staff at least one day prior. Similarly advanced notice for take away lunches is required.

Times Activity
 6.30 am Rise, beach run and swim
 7.15am Kitchen help and table setters report to the Dining Area
 7.30 am Breakfast
 8.00 am Dormitory and bathroom cleaners do their duties (everything must be off Dormitory floors and in lockers or on the lines before leaving for excursions)
 8.30 am Morning Program – Activity 1
10.00 am Morning Tea
10.30 am Mid Morning – Activity 2
12.00 pm Lunch
 1.00 pm Activity 3 (If hot, suggest quiet time)
 2.00 pm Activity 4 (afternoon program)
 4.00pm Free supervised time
 5.00 pm Showers
 5.15 pm Kitchen helpers and setters and servers to dining room
 5.30 pm Dinner
 7.00 pm Evening program
9.30 pm Bedtime

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