Student Information

Student Information

The following have been included to assist students when preparing for a camp with the Broome Camp School.

Suggested Clothing List
Childrens Duties
Camp Map

Suggested Clothing List for a 1 Week Camp


  • Underwear for each day
  • 1 pair pyjamas
  • 1 warm jacket / jumper (cooler months)
  • 3 pairs shorts
  • 3 tops / shirts
  • 1 pair jeans / long pants
  • 4 pairs socks
  • 1 pair bather and beach towel


1 pair shoes for excursions
1 pair thongs / sandals for camp


1 bath towel
1 hat with wide brim Lots of 15+ sunburn cream
Toiletries – soap, shampoo, brush, toothbrush and toothpaste
Pegs to hang clothes
Linen: 2 sheets – 1 fitted if possible, 1 pillowcase. Blankets are supplied or bring a sleeping bag.

Blankets as required are supplied by the school, but for health reasons, the camp pillow and mattress must be covered by sheets and pillowcase. Groups are required to bring sheets and pillowcases, or arrange to use camp school provided ones – the cost is outlined in charges and fees section.


Students must remember to provide all materials, school and personal that they require at camp.

Hint for parents

All clothing should be marked with a laundry marker.
Paste a clothing list in the case lid so students can keep track of what they have. Any lost clothing should be dealt with before the group leaves the camp site.

Pocket Money

Please limit the amount of money students bring to camp. The camp school will not accept responsibility for stolen money or goods. Camp leaders need to make provision to hold money in marked envelopes for students while at camp. Provision can be made to lock that money away.
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Childrens Duties

Staff are expected to supervise all duties. At meal time staff are also expected to serve meals.

Parents/helpers are expected to encourage children to complete their duties quickly and effectively without doing the work for them.

Individual Responsibility

Make beds
Tidy clothes, nothing to be left on the floor
Hang wet towels and bathers on clothesline outside

Duties for which children should be rostered are as follows:

Setters and Servers (3 – 5 students: max 6)

Report to dining area 15 mins prior to meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Set tables as needed (check with cook)

Washer Uppers (3 – 5 students: max 5)

Immediately after meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Wiper Uppers (6 – 10 students -max 10)

All wipers to wash hands thoroughly before picking up tea towel
Wipe all dishes, cutlery etc
Put away in correct position

Clean Up Crew

One (1) student each meal to wipe down tables and chairs, dry mop floor in front of sinks.
Two (2) students to sweep floor around tables, and ensure area around scrap bucket is clean.

Kitchen Helper

One (1) student each day to help gardener feed chools after breakfast. Also to wash out eskies or drink containers.

Dormitory Cleaners

All students are responsible for their bed space and floor around the bed.
Two (2) students to sweep floor each day. Don’t forget under the beds. Also ensure path outside is clean.
Dorm duties list in dorm.

WC and Shower Cleaners

Two (2)students to follow duties list on wall of showers.

Energy Monitor

One (1) boy and one (1) girl each day to endure all lights, fans and air conditioners are off if not needed.



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